Environmental Acoustic Solutions

Environmental Acoustic Solutions

Including Leisure Noise & Other Noise Pollution
Our technologically advanced noise reduction solutions can provide considerable cost savings and much higher noise reductions than the types of solution usually used for environmental noise control - an acoustic screen, acoustic wall, noise barrier, silencer, etc. Fan noise control is a very good example (it is also a common cause of environmental noise pollution).

Environmental Noise Control Solution
Environmental noise pollution is one element of UAE Environmental Authority. They set limits on environmental noise levels at site boundaries. This means that to comply with Environment code, some companies are being asked to implement an environmental noise control solution even though noise levels are not high enough to cause noise nuisance. Our advanced noise control solutions can considerably reduce the cost burden imposed by Environment Department.

Environmental Noise Reduction and Prediction
As well as providing highly effective noise control solutions, our company can also carry out environmental noise prediction and environmental impact assessments.

Leisure Noise and Other Noise Pollution
Anywhere there is a noise pollution problem, we can help with a noise control solution. This includes noise nuisance from a night club, disco, go kart or karting track and many other leisure activities. With these, as for all noise pollution control problems, our approach is to assess a wide range of noise control options and determine the best solution in terms of cost, noise reduction,etc.

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