Night Clubs & Auditorium Acoustics

Absol International can undertake the acoustic design and built of auditorium for music and speech such as concert halls, recital rooms, theaters, multipurpose spaces, lecture theaters and studios to optimise the conditions in accordance with the intended usage. The aspects covered may include the essential isolation of the auditorium from external noise and vibration, control of noise from mechanical services and design of the auditorium size, shape and finishes to achieve the required reverberation time and sound propagation characteristics.

Absol International offers a design, specification and installation along with commissioning service for specialised electro-acoustic systems.

Such systems are custom designed, thereby permitting a high degree of flexibility with regard to both ergonomic and aesthetic requirements, whilst achieving a careful balance between technical excellence and economy. Absol International is fully equipped in designing and supervising the installation of high quality speech reinforcement systems for Churches and Cathedrals. Of particular interest is the range of loudspeakers, designed to direct high quality sound down to the congregation without the need to angle the loudspeaker away from the supporting wall or column. Combining technical ingenuity with functional design ensures an unobtrusive appearance,which can be of great importance in avoiding the disruption of fine architectural lines within Churches and Cathedrals.

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